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Food Waste Action Week

Food Waste Action Week

In March each year we focus the world’s attention on an important but often unseen climate change issue: food waste.

Choose what you'll use

Food Waste Action Week 2024

Food Waste Action Week 2024 will be encouraging citizens to ‘Choose What You’ll Use’, highlighting the benefits of buying loose fruit and vegetables and inspiring people to do this wherever they can. Buying loose reduces food waste - WRAP research has shown that if all apples, bananas and potatoes were sold loose, we could save 60,000 tonnes of food waste by enabling people to buy closer to their needs.

60,000 tonnes

We could save 60,000 tonnes of food waste by enabling people to buy closer to their needs.

Food Waste Action Week 2024: 18th - 24th March cont...

We worked in schools; with brands and retailers; and with policy makers to make the shift towards buying and selling fresh produce simpler for everyone.

Food Waste Action Week 2023

The UK’s biggest annual food saving campaign returned!

Food Waste Action Week 2023 took place 6 - 12 March with the theme: Win. Don’t Bin.

We helped you find out how you could save time and money by making the most of the food you buy via tailored tips based on your answers to our quiz.

With a bit of forward planning here, and a dash of savvy storage there; many of you enjoyed those little winning moments in life of having tomorrow’s lunch sorted the night before, or defrosting that spare portion of spag bol for a quick and easy dinner. 

Highlights from Food Waste Action Week 2022

Supported by 80 organisations, across 12 countries, over 8 million people heard about the food waste issue that week. Nearly 55% of these people took action to reduce the amount of food they bin at home as a result.

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Love Food Hate Waste is brought to you by the international climate action NGO, WRAP. WRAP also delivers information, support and resources to help us all recycle more things, more often through the website Recycle Now and Recycle Week, in September.

Learn more about what we do

Answers to the questions we often receive about food waste, and ways to get in touch with the Love Food Hate Waste team.

Two white men chopping chillis together in the kitchen: one older and grey, one younger and bearded.

Love Food Hate Waste's recipe for climate action: research, expertise and a love of food to help you save food from the bin.

A black family: a mother, grown up daughter and two sons, cook a meal together in the kitchen, laughing and smiling

Let's be realistic: sometimes we are so busy that thinking about how to save food at home often falls to the bottom of our list. Instead of trying to overhaul your food habits in one day, let's take action together in bite-sized chunks.

Farmer smiling holding a cabbage and parsnips

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