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Love Food Hate Waste

Welcome to our community! We’re here to help you explore simple ways to save food, save money and save our planet.

lots of fresh vegetables laid out at a market stall

Welcome introduction

Discover some simple hacks, tips and guidance to make the most of your food at home. Find out why it’s so crucial that we all do our bit to save our food from the bin - and protect our beautiful planet at the same time too.

Every little thing you do, everyday, makes a huge difference. By working together, it soons adds up if you times each small action by 66 million people living in the UK. And, you’ll save money on your shopping bill too!

Not sure where to start?

Try a few of these simple things as part of your weekly routine and you’ll quickly see how with just a few small actions you can make a real difference both to your pocket and the planet. Find easy ways to stay in control of your food shop, make it easy to remember what food you have at home and ideas on prompts to ensure all the food you’ve bought is eaten - plus much more.

Got a food in mind?

Explore our food guide for plenty of easy ways to reduce your food waste. From tasty recipes for simple meal ideas, easy ways to use up leftovers and how to store your food at home (hint: you'd be surprised how many foods can be frozen!) we've got you covered.
Freeze herbs in icecube tray

Hack of the month

Freeze leftover herbs with oil using an ice cube tray. Then pop a cube in to a pan to enjoy fresh flavours long after the leaves would have wilted.

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How do I? guides

Remove the stress out of buying, planning, storing and using up food: while saving money, time and our precious planet in the process. Sounds easy on paper, doesn’t it? But we know life is busy.

Our How do I? guides will help you explore how to get the greatest value from the food you buy and make the most of the time you have available to use it all up - and create more quality time to enjoy it too

You’ll find different options to try with easy, time and money-saving ways to tackle food that might end up in the bin - that you can also adapt and tailor to fit into your life at home.

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