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Why Save Food

  • In lockdown, we wasted a third less food - let's keep crushing it! We throw away 4.5m tonnes of edile food in our UK homes every year - that affects our wallet and our planet. Find out how you can save your food from the bin. 

  • A fun and interesting activity for all ages

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  • RT @recycle_now: We save 18m tonnes of CO₂ a year by recycling, the same environmental impact as 27m of us going veggie. Most of us are 'St…

  • Short on time? We all have those long days where we get home and the last thing we want to do is cook.

    Luckily there are a few great chuck-it-all in together recipes that won’t take a lifetime to cook, like stir-fry or hash!

    Find a recipe here:

  • Always end up with #leftover lettuce in the #fridge? We love this idea from @heyrenu - add spice and transform salad leaves into something delicious. Let us know if you give this #recipe a go!

  • RT @recycle_now: The incredible @JJChalmersRM is inspiring us all to work together to Step It Up This #RecycleWeek and recycle more : "Rec…