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Finding answers to your food saving questions

We hope you’ve found answers to your questions in our food saving community and that you have started to put some of the ideas into action. Please share what you are doing with us by tagging us @LoveFoodHateWasteCommunity (Facebook) and @ lfhw_uk (Instagram)

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, here’s a helpful guide on where to look on our website:

  • Do you have a specific food in mind? – go to our ‘Foods and recipes’ section, type in your food item and hit search. You’ll find top tips on food pages, such as whether you can freeze your food and where to store it, and tasty recipes on how to use up your wonderful food.
  • Are you looking for simple things to try on a weekly basis? – take a look at our ‘Weekly food routine’ at the top of our Good food habits page. You’ll find some simple hacks to do as part of your everyday routine around food at home. 
  • Would you like to learn how to make life easier around food? - explore our ‘How do I’ section where you’ll find step-by-step guides for some easy things do that’ll make a big difference to your life around food at home.
  • Are you wondering why you should bother to save food from the bin? – browse through our ‘Take action’ section to learn why it’s so important that we all do our bit to ensure every morsel of food we buy is eaten and not binned. Small actions by each one of us, everyday, soon adds up. It really does make a difference to our planet, and your pocket too.
  • Would you like to learn more about Love Food Hate Waste? – take a look at ‘Our story’ to find out why we are here and why it’s well worth your time joining our community.
  • Are you simply looking for some interesting articles to read? – there’s lots to read in our Blogs which explore different topics around food.


Frequently asked questions

You can also take a look at our community’s most frequently asked questions below - your answer may be a quick scroll away.

  • Where do you get your statistics from and can I trust them?

    Love Food Hate Waste is part of WRAP, an NGO that’s championing a world in which climate change is no longer a problem. We are known for our robust research and the reports we write that share an analysis our research. Love Food Hate Waste follows the same rigorous approach to research and we tap into our sector specialists’ knowledge and expertise.

  • Can I share the statistics?

    Yes we are happy for you to share the statistics and would ask that you credit Love Food Hate Waste too. We recommend that you share the full statistic together with the descriptor text to give the full context. This will ensure the statistic remains meaningful and true to its origin.

  • I’m a business/organisation/teacher, how can I help people to reduce their food waste?

    We welcome support from businesses, organisations, community groups and schools that can help us to drive change with reducing food waste in our homes. Please visit our page for partners on our WRAP website. There are some creative assets you can use by clicking on ‘Resources’ in the top menu, and then selecting Love Food Hate Waste from the Campaigns menu. You can also support our annual Food Waste Action Week campaign that takes place in March. We do not keep a supply of leaflets or other materials that we could send you. Most or our work is through digital channels.


  • Can I use your logo in my campaigns?

    To find out if you can use the Love Food Hate Waste logo please download and read the brand guidelines from the resources section on the WRAP website. If eligible, then you can use the Proud to Support Love Food Hate Waste logo which is available in ‘Resources’, following the brand guidelines. Please only use the original file not screen grabs or any other version of the logo.

  • I’m a student, where can I find information for my homework or assignment?

    Please use the search bar at the top of the site to find information that may be useful. Or use the quick guide at the top of this page to find out which section might be useful to you. Good luck with your work!

  • I run a local organisation and we’d love someone to attend and run a session for us.

    It’s amazing that you want to help drive change in your local community around food – thank you! We are a small team so, unfortunately, we do not have enough people to be able to visit communities across the UK. However, we are confident that you’ll find all the information you need for you to introduce your community to saving food from the bin on our website yourself. You’ll find some lovely creative assets you can use for anything you might want to hand out in the resources section on our WRAP website. You could also link to the Love Food Hate Waste website from your community site and social media communities. Best of luck with your session and please share what you are doing with us by tagging in our social channels (quick links in the footer).

  • Are you accepting new recipes for your website?

    That’s very generous of you to consider doing this. We already have a good portfolio of recipes that cover meals for using up leftovers and ones that save time too so, at the moment, we have what we need thank you.

    We sometimes create new recipes with partners who we might be working with on a specific campaign. The recipes would reflect the key action highlighted during the campaign.

    You can help in other ways though, by sharing our website with your family, friends and local community and join our social communities too (quick links in the footer).

  • I’ve spotted an error on your website, how can I report this to you?

    Please fill in the contact us form below and tell us about the error you have spotted. Please share a link to the page where you found the error. Thank you for being vigilant and taking the time to contact us, it’s really appreciated.

  • How can I find out what I can put in my food caddy and my recycling bin?

    Thank you for caring about what you recycle. Getting it right means we can recycle more things. Please visit our sister campaign Recycle Now for further information.

  • I'd like to be more planet-friendly with other things at home too - any tips?

    It’s fabulous that you want to learn more about other areas at home where you can make a difference. Our Recycle Now website has lots of helpful hints, tips and advice. Best of luck with your quest to become a planet-friendly champion!

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