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Make your food go further

Make your food go further

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

Store, freeze and reheat

If you didn’t quite make it through the Sunday roast, or you over-ordered on your favourite takeaway (again), fear not, you can save that delicious food for another day. 

By storing, freezing, and reheating your food correctly, you can make it go further. 

We’ve compiled our most effective tools and guides in one place so you have all the information you need to make more of the food you’ve already bought – and save time and money.


Helpful guides

You can also search our foods and recipes pages for even more tips to help make your food go further.

Keep your fridge at 5 degrees C or below

Did you know that adjusting the temperature of your fridge could help to preserve your food for three days longer than usual? A big win to help keep your food fresher for longer. Our fridge temperature tool can help you learn how to change the temperature on your specific fridge brand.