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Fizzy drinks

Freeze? Yes
In season N/A
Store Resealed in the fridge
Two tall glasses of cola with ice and lemon

Fizzy drinks are carbonated water and are available in a variety of different flavours.

How to store

How to store fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks should be re-sealed tightly and stored in the fridge or cupboard.

Freezing fizzy drinks

You can freeze fizzy drinks but not in their original container as they can explode in the freezer.

Fizzy drinks Top tips

How to freeze and defrost

To freeze: Freeze fizzy drinks into ice cube trays. It will loose it’s fizz. Note: Do not freeze in their original containers as they may explode in the freezer.

To defrost: Simply pop the right quantity into a recipe you are cooking that uses fizzy drink (no need to defrost) or defrost in the fridge for cake recipes.

Be fabulous with leftovers

Amazingly, leftover cola can be used as an ingredient in some cake and meat and poultry recipes! 

Buying tips

Buy the right pack size for your needs. Think about whether you’ll get through the whole bottle before it goes flat.

Perfect portions

Use our portion calculator for a quick and simple way to check how much of this food to serve at mealtimes.

Valuing your Fizzy drinks beyond the price tag

Goodness in food

Your food is more than its shape, colour and price. Your food has an important role to play to help keep you healthy and with enough energy to live your life how you wish to.

  • Fizzy drinks can be high in sugar content so it’s best to keep consumption to a minimum. Check the labels for further information.

Food story

By the time your food arrives in your home, it’s already been on quite a journey starting with how it is made or grown and how your food reaches the supermarket. 

So please help our food to finish its story in the most sustainable way, ensuring the planet’s resources that’s already used are put to good use. Take care of your food when it’s in your home and ensure every edible morsel is eaten - and that your food doesn’t end up in the bin!

Why not try these delicious recipes to use up Fizzy drinks

This recipe includes a delicate apricot stuffing with a sweet cider sauce and it’s a great way to use up leftover bread.

A sliced juicy pork fillet in a pan with leafy garnish