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  1. Blog category
    •  Eid
    •  Seasonal food
    •  Leftovers

    ​Make your Eid feast go further

    By Love Food Hate Waste, 21 March 2023, 3 minute read

    Eid Mubarak! The holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to celebrate breaking the fast!

    A colourful spread of a variety of food dishes.
  2. Blog category
    •  Seasonal food
    •  Food storage

    Storing your potatoes: fridge is best

    By Love Food Hate Waste, 27 February 2023, 4 minute read

    From chips, roasties and jacket spuds to soups and casseroles, there are so many ways to enjoy the humble potato.

    Image shows a stack of potatoes in the middle of a row of green leafy potato plants
  3. Blog category
    •  Seasonal food
    •  Leftovers

    What to do with your Easter leftovers

    By Love Food Hate Waste, 8 February 2023, 3 minute read

    Easter is a time for feasting – and not just on chocolate eggs...

    A wooden tray full of hot cross buns, blueberries are scattered around the edge
  4. Blog category
    •  Seasonal food

    Let nothing go to waste this Pancake Day!

    8 February 2023, 3 minute read

    Here are a few tips on making the most of Pancake Day feasting this 21 February.

    A stack of pancakes topped with strawberries and cream
  5. Blog category
    •  Seasonal food

    How to Love Food and Hate Waste this Valentine’s Day

    By Love Food Hate Waste, 27 January 2023, 2 minute read

    Whether you’re loved up or single this Valentine’s Day, one thing we can all agree on is that we all love food!

    A heart shaped pizza with tomatoes, garlic and green herbs dotted around
  6. Blog category
    •  Food storage
    •  Save time and money
    •  Seasonal food

    New Year’s resolution: Cut food waste

    By Love Food Hate Waste, 22 December 2022

    Resolutions, intentions, goals – whatever you like to call them, New Year is a time when many of us seek to make a change or two for the year ahead. This year we're thinking about resolutions to cut food waste.

    The numbers "2023" made up of fruit and vegetables.
  7. Blog category
    •  Seasonal food
    •  Leftovers
    •  Mealtimes

    What’s good to eat this month? – December

    By Love Food Hate Waste, 1 December 2022, 3 minute read

    Find out what local and fresh in December for your festive food plans.

    Chestnuts and sprouts in a wooden bowl
  8. Blog category
    •  Seasonal food
    •  Leftovers
    •  Save time and money

    The best recipes for Christmas leftovers

    By Love Food Hate Waste, 1 December 2022, 3 minute read

    Make your festive feast go further.

    A stack of sandwiches made using Christmas leftovers