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    •  Save time and money
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    •  Food shopping

    How to save money on food

    , 5 minute read

    The rising cost of living calls for creative ways to make savings, and the weekly food shop is a great place to start. In today’s post, we’ll be looking at some of the ways you can reduce what you spend in the supermarket and get more value from the food you do buy – all while saving food from the bin!

    A person holding out a plate of kebabs at a BBQ
  2. Blog category
    •  Food shopping
    •  Save time and money

    Date labels ditched: what this means for you

    , 3 minute read

    Find out what ditching date labels means for you and how it will save us food and money.

    A photo of trays of bananas, tomatoes and lettuce displayed in a supermarket aisle.
  3. Blog category
    •  Save time and money
    •  Food shopping

    Nine ways to save money on your food shop

    By Love Food Hate Waste, , 5 minute read

    Here are nine ways to help lighten the load on your wallet when you get to the checkout… and save food from the bin, too!

    A hand holding a hot chocolate tub and putting it into a kitchen cupboard