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Freezing the food you haven’t had time to eat – any time before the date on the label – acts like a pause button, buying you more time to eat the food you've bought.

In a survey we conducted, we found that almost 80% of people interviewed had thrown away food that was nearing its date in the past week, without realising that they could freeze it and keep it for later.

Lots of people don't realise it’s safe to freeze almost any food before the date on the packaging, and then defrost in the fridge when you want it.

And that's why we're calling on everyone to become a freezer hero and start going subzero on food.

Yes you can (freeze it)

Our survey found that 20% of us don’t think we can freeze eggs, 17% of us don’t realise we can freeze milk, 16% cheese and 16% for fruit.

But you can freeze all of these things and more. So as well as the usual foods you freeze, why not try freezing something different this week?

Fruit – slice and freeze lemons then use them straight from the fridge in iced drinks. Frozen grapes and strawberries also make novel ice cubes, which taste great.

Potatoes – simply boil for about five minutes and freeze them for later. When you want them, thaw overnight and roast the next day. Mashed potato also freezes well.

Chillies – few of us manage to use up all the chillies in the packet, but you can freeze them whole and chop while they’re still frozen.

Cauliflower and broccoli – make a big batch of cauliflower or broccoli cheese and split into individual portions for freezing. It's great if the veg isn't going to last much longer or you’ve bought too much. It's very tasty with garlic in the cheese sauce then topped with breadcrumbs and parsley.

Milk – this is one thing that you do need to freeze as soon as possible after buying. When you need it, thaw it in the fridge. Plastic containers are okay for freezing milk in, but the milk will expand so pour out a small amount (for example, in a cup of tea) to allow for this. Shake well before using.

Cheese – try grating Cheddar cheese and then freezing it for use as toppings on pizza or shepherd’s pie. Stilton can be frozen and defrosts just as good as fresh.

Leftover cooked meat – all sorts of leftover meat can be frozen. Thaw in the fridge and use as normal, in a risotto or curry.

Bread – slice a whole loaf and use straight from frozen in the toaster or to make sandwiches for work – by lunchtime they’ll be defrosted. For sliced loaves, loosely tap the loaf on a work surface before putting it in the freezer to help the frozen slices come apart more easily.

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