Sgt. Pepper’s lonely heart

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Love Food
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They say that variety is the spice of life, and that couldn’t be truer for me.

They call me by many different names – pepper, capsicum, chilli. Leftover rice, sauce, beans, cheese, please apply within. Let’s make a saucy stuffed pepper to remember.

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Lives: Chillin’ in the fridge

WLTM: something to fill me in and make me a saucy stuffed pepper to remember

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I’m feeling kinda lucky - who will be my match today?

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Paella is a great vehicle for using up any leftover cooked meat or sausage that you’ve got in your fridge. The saffron spice gives this dish a wonderful authentic flavour and ‘mellow yellow’ colour.

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*We encourage people to eat food that’s safe to eat. Guidance states that food is fine past its best before or display until date (sell by), although food should not be consumed after the use by date but can be frozen up until this date.