Loving food and hating waste – in lockdown

Loving food and hating waste – in lockdown
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Once again, people across the UK have shown how resourceful they are when it comes to food. During this challenging time, we’ve all found ways to manage our food, making sure it lasts as long as possible and that we waste less.

Our survey says…

As a campaign delivered by WRAP, Love Food Hate Waste recently spoke to 4,000 people across the UK to find out how the lockdown is affecting our relationship with food.

The great news is that people responded in a hugely positive way! We’re reporting a big drop in how much we waste, especially when it comes to some of the most commonly-wasted items in UK homes. People said they’ve wasted fewer potatoes and less bread, chicken and milk – 34% less, to be exact – by taking on board savvy food-saving behaviours.

On average, we’re adopting six positive actions that help us to manage our food better. These include:

  • checking our fridges and cupboards before we shop
  • freezing more food
  • paying attention to the date labels.

If you need some help with that last one, our Food Storage A–Z is the perfect place to start!

Beyond lockdown

We also saw an increase in how many people believe that food waste is an important national issue. Caring is the first step towards making a change, so we feel sure that this progress will continue beyond the current lockdown.

This current period of physical distancing will come to an end. And when this happens, we’re confident that these great behaviours will continue to be useful for people at home.

In the meantime, we can help you continue to keep your food fresher for longer! Here are a few of our top tips:

• Chill the fridge out! Your food will stay fresher for up to three extra days if your fridge is set to 0–5°C. Try our thermometer tool if you need help dialling it down.

• Super storage. Every food has its perfect place; our A–Z can help you find it!

• #RecipeInspiration. We’ve got loads of lovely recipes that can help you use up whatever’s in the kitchen.

• Date labels. There’s a difference between ‘use by’ and ‘best before’! Check out our guide to date labels and what they mean.

• Compleating. Did you know you can leave the skin on when you make mash? Our guide to compleating has lots of suggestions for using every edible bit of your ingredients.

• Perfect portions. Our portion planner can help you serve up the perfect amount, reducing what’s left on your plate at the end of your meal.

You can find more information about our recent survey on the WRAP website.