Kids cook to save the planet

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When St Augustine’s C of E Primary School wanted parents to pick up on Love Food Hate Waste messages, they realised that the best way to reach them was through their kids.

In the past, many of the parents had been reluctant to go into the school and get involved with activities. Also, some families did little cooking at home, relying on take-away food for their main meals. These barriers needed to be overcome if the school was going to get mums and dads on board.

The children attended sessions once a week for six weeks and then parents were invited to join the celebration events at the end of each block.

On one day, the entire Key Stage 2 year took part in a session cooking up leftovers and things usually lurking in cupboards and fridges – including lasagne, meat and potato pie and soup.

All of the food was then packed up and taken to a local homeless shelter, so that the children could see the alternative uses for their food and learn that nothing needs to go to waste.

After their sessions, all of the children were given Love Food Hate Waste recipe books to take home. Many of the children had never cooked at home before with their parents.

“The results were great!” says Julie. “Children came back into school telling us that they’d cooked at home with mum for the first time and loved it.”

Since February 2015, the school has run 25 Love Food Hate Waste Sessions - with no plans of stopping.