Baybees Childcare leader Suzanne Romano champions saving food

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Suzanne works with babies and children aged six months – 13 years old at her home every week.

The numbers of children coming along can change quite quickly, so it's often difficult for Suzanne to know how much, and what, food to buy and prepare.

Since doing the Love Food Hate Waste training, she has found lots of simple ways to save food, and they're having a positive impact.

When buying pre-packed fruit and vegetables Su always looks for offers that are still fresh but may have a shorter shelf life so the price has been reduced. This allows her to add more fresh fruit and vegetables into the children’s diet without going over budget.

Su also now wraps lettuce in a paper towel to keep it fresher for longer and she is freezing food so to avoid having to throw it away.

The children have visited a small holding to see some locally grown crops and they have tried to grow some of their own herbs and vegetables. They are also planning to plant a herb garden using recycled material.

Suzanne has gone one step further – recommending Love Food Hate Waste training as part of the BCBC Network Childminder training, which is now being organised.

She has also passed on what she learned as a direct result of her training in her work setting, where they have made changes to save more food. All the while taking into account the strict health and safety procedures that have to be followed while preparing and serving food to children.