• It's sweet and spicy, this pumpkin soup is a Autumn favourite and perfect if you're making soup for the first time, as well as for seasoned cooks. It works really well if you roast the pumpkin and sweet potato first. Delicious!

  • Sascha at Hugh Grierson Organic, a family-run farm in Perthshire, shows us how to spice up those mince and tatties this Halloween.

  • Quick, easy and delicious. Why not try this Halloween-themed salad with a Greek twist from Paul at award-winning organic farm and veg delivery company East Coast Organics in East Lothian?

  • Chef, cookery tutor and owner of Pop food business in Edinburgh, Steve Brown, shares his Halloween themed risotto recipe.


What To Do

  • The good news for even occasional bakers is that many ingredients have a long shelf life and are fine to use even after the best before date – flours, sugars, raising agents, flavourings, syrup, treacle and all sorts of fruit, nuts and spices will last for ages in your cupboards.

  • When baking or buying for any occasion it’s very easy to over buy or over cater ‘just in case’. It’s also tempting to buy all you need each time you feel creative – especially with such an explosion of interesting baking ingredients in recent years.

Why Save Food

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